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What is Success?

How I measure success compared to how someone else looks at it is likely different. For me money isn't the sole determinant of success however having money helps me to live the type of lifestyle I want. And while getting awards and my name printed on wall exhibits makes me happy, it doesn't mean anything without having the people I love to share it with (cliche, I know).

What I'm learning about success is that on the other side of it is the desire to find success in something else. It's like an elusive finish line that even when you get there, there's another finish line to cross. The more money I make, the more I need, the more my name gets printed on walls, the more I want my name printed on walls.

So my question is, when is enough, enough? How much money will be meet every need, how many degrees or awards signify expertise, and/or how many trips make a person well traveled?

I don't know your answers, and I just barely know mine. But I do know that there's more to life than the goals I accomplish. Over the course of my life, my hope is that as long as my ups outweigh my downs, and joy and peace find me more often than sadness and turmoil, then that is success!

Take a look at this short video with highlights from opening night of the Maryland State Arts Council Triennial Exhibition, where my poem, "The moments before..." was showcased - which represents one measure of success...


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