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Self-quarantined but not really

In the age of online dating, social media, digital communication and collecting likes as a measure of status, it's easy to become disconnected from each other. I know that I am way more closed than I used to be but I think it's time for that to change.

My declaration is: The Coronavirus may create a way for us to become social again...

Yep I said it...I think we have a real opportunity to reconnect--in a real way. Just look at what's happening; performers are broadcasting concerts and dance parties live on Instagram, and comedians continue to put out sketches for laughter.

Not only that, around the world windows are open to music from the balconies of neighbors, and many are standing together to help arts based programs and local businesses survive.

self-quarantine creativity
Being creative during self-quarantine day # I don't remember

I will be the first to say that we are living in a strange time. But I will also say we have a chance to slow down and become greater than we are now. To achieve things that we were too scared to pursue. Do you have a business plan in your heart or an idea that has been brewing? I hope you won't let this time of being inside keep you from actually doing it. And I definitely hope it won't stop you from creating and finding ways to keep living.

Our connection to each other has surely changed. And we don't know what is going to happen tomorrow. But what we know is that connection is the most necessary thing in our existence. For people to see us and to know we are here in this world, at this time.

So let's keep creatively coming together, let's continue to share love and let's get prepared for what's next.

Stay safe and be social!


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