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Queen & Slim vs Valentine's day

I know Queen & Slim came out in late 2019 so this post feels a bit late but it's really not...As impressed as I was with the imagery and production of the movie, the vulnerability is what got me...and since the proclaimed day of love just passed, I feel that this blog is coming at the perfect time.

Queen & Slim
Queen & Slim photo from IMDb

I can honestly say that over the past few years Black film and television has been captivating. From If Beale Street Could Talk, a movie starring one of my favorite actresses Regina King, to Insecure, which I can't wait for season three to return to HBO, I have been so happy to experience the truth and creativity in the telling of our stories.

So when I watched Queen & Slim I was mesmerized. First of all, they were two dark skinned characters who had a level of intimacy in just being that was beautiful. Besides that, there were so many juxtaposing moments that cut deep while being equally heartwarming. For example, when they were in the car and Queen sat on the windowsill as they were driving, saying that it was something she always wanted to do. Slim did the same although he was apprehensive at first. But two things happened in that moment.

  1. They both experienced joy and freedom just by doing that small thing which felt like it was taboo or unreachable.

  2. Slim trusted Queen even more than he had before. And in turn she trusted him as if they had been together forever.

It was a moment like that or the juke-joint scene that made me cry. This couple, these two people, just wanted to live. And live uninhibited. Not unlike anyone else in the world. Definitely not unlike me and probably not unlike you. But it was the conditions that made living freely the choice that they made. It doesn't come easy for black people and people of color to just be. And that's why the movie was so sad to me...because that is such a painful truth to face.

I started this blog by saying that we just celebrated Valentine's day--the official day of love. But what does that really mean if we don't show love everyday of the year? And what is it worth if you aren't free and vulnerable enough to share it at all?

Shout out to Melina Matsoukas and Lena Waithe for creating an incredible portrait of love that is an instant classic and one of my favorites.

I hope you all find your love too!


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