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Since Monday I've made four smoothies with raw ingredients, eaten more carrots than I have in the last three years, drank gallons of water and made a pretty good attempt at a detox. But during the detox, I realized that for me the detox wasn't about the detox at all—it was about the process.

The definition of detox according to google is a process or period of time in which one abstains from or rids the body of toxic or unhealthy substances; detoxification.

People detox for many reasons: to loose weight, as a spiritual cleanse, clearer skin, better health, etc, etc. My goal was to challenge myself and stick to a strict(er) food plan for a week—not as a form of deprivation but to see what kind of success I could have cleaning my body and maybe even my mind.

During the week, I've had some success (today is my last day). I've been able to focus on eating the "right" foods, I've stuck to my daily goals (for the most part) and I've incorporated yoga into my routine which has been a goal of mine for a while. But do you know how much it's taken for me not eat a cone of ice cream or munch on my favorite jalapeño sweet and spicy chips or grab those peanut M&M's out the refrigerator—especially when I'm frustrated or annoyed?

But detoxing isn't supposed to be easy, is it? And even if it is easy for some, it may not be easy for all. In my case, I wanted to test my discipline and do something that I hadn't done before. While detoxing isn't the most creative or innovative thing to do, it has helped to build my mental strength. It has also helped me take a break from everything that is happening in our country. And it has reminded me that there is a process to every major change in life—including what seems to be an exciting time and opportunity for a revolution in this nation.

"The process" of detoxing (or whatever you choose) is everything it is supposed to be: painful, exhausting, frustrating. But it's also rewarding, gratifying and fulfilling. And not simply because I have almost managed a 5-day cleanse (thank God today is my last day)'s because I moved through the extremities of my emotions without giving up and it's because I'm preparing myself for whatever change is on the horizon—and it is definitely on its way.

Stay well, stay safe and get ready for your change...


P.S. Tomorrow I eat...whatever I want.

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