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"Great" and "sucks" are almost the same, right?

Sometimes I can't believe that we are half way through 2020. I won't list all of the craziness that has happened to me but it's been a year that has been both challenging and rewarding—sometimes within the blink of an eye. Like in my writing, I go from feeling really confident to no confidence at all. And it's not a reflection of my work ethic or habits or the writing itself, but it is the nature of human emotions.

One moment things are great and the next not so much.

self portrait
self portrait

In spite of everything that has happened—the good, the bad, the stress, the excitement, the disappointment, the depletion and immediate renewal of energy and every other emotion I've experienced—I'm grateful. Even though it seemingly hasn't sunk in yet, I am slowly but surely comprehending that life is the most unpredictable thing ever. And so are people. But as Jerry Seinfeld puts it in his Netflix special, 23 Hours to Kill, "sucks and great are pretty close." I totally agree with Seinfeld's statement. I didn't really laugh when I listened to that part of his special. I more so shook my head in agreement at the reality of what he was saying.

What has transpired in my life over this pass week, much less year, has given me the insight that the margin between good and bad and happy and sad are very small. So much so that the difference between the two can be kind of insignificant in the grand scheme of things. Literally, in one moment I was completely sad and the next I had a new outlook on life. It was crazy how quickly one moment passed and another entered. Not to mention, how I had to process both moments and quickly see the blessing in it all.

Everything happens just as it is supposed to. The best thing I can do is to live in each moment, smiling when I'm excited and being sad when I'm sad (without wallowing in that feeling).

Overall I plan to enjoy my life and smile even more because I look better and feel better when I do...I hope y'all smile just a little more too.


P.S. Don't run amuck just yet. Covid-19 is still here—likely to stay—so be safe!

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