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"Last night everything changed between us. We laid in the bed, backs facing one another, thinking through the gravity of what was said hours before, the statement laying between us, wedging our bodies into different directions . . ."   Read the full story.

"By the time I got there, the church was full. I had never seen it this crowded. Even when we’d have the annual Christmas play, which was the highlight of the year, maybe 60 would show up, but this summer morning, each brown matte pew was jam-packed with people from all over town . . ."  Read the full story or listen to it below.

Last SermonJennifer N. Shannon
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"When they pulled into the driveway of the all-brick home, Jay didn’t flinch. He sat dazed by nothing but the structure before him–almost startled by how familiar things felt. The memories swarmed within him even though years had passed. He gripped the steering wheel . . ."  Read the full story.


Keepsake was featured as part of the Common Threads: Faith, Activism and The Art of Healing exhibit. The art, poetry and expressions related to this topic brought together various faiths, shared common experiences, and shed light and love into what seems to be a hate-filled world. The exhibit—including Keepsake—was on display at the Carnegie Library in Pittsburgh in October of 2018.

migrationvoices and freedom are poems that were published in the Auburn Avenue  literary publication. The pieces and the photographsalso taken by Jennifersymbolize a longing for destiny.

In 2016, 2017 and 2018, Truth Denied, #Manchesterattack, 53% and Death, were published in Tuck Magazine. These pieces are direct responses to events that happened around the world. 

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