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When you're in the mood but not really...

What do you do when you're in the mood but not really? Honestly, I'm in the mood a little bit as I write this but then again, not all the way. And it shouldn't be this hard to get in the mood, since it's mid December...(I'm talking about the holidays, what did y'all think I was talking about? 😏)

Seriously though it's that time of year and while I am excited for our sweet, cute, two-year-old boy who loves Christmas Trees and Elmo & Tango's version of The Nutcracker, to open his gifts and play, and I look forward to spending time with my mom and our families, I'm not exactly where I need to be as far has being in the Christmas spirit.

Over the past few weeks I've been consumed with finances, my career, motherhood and my relationship. Each of these areas of my life needs something from me and sometimes I don't feel like what I give is enough. And I forgot to mention that I'd love to figure out what I need for myself and give that to me too. These feelings have kept me in a space of worry and questioning.

But even though my spirits aren't exactly where I want them, there is so much that is good and that's happening—so much that I'm thankful for. I also realize that the same things I'm fretting over, someone else is praying to have. That alone makes me look at my blessings not what I feel is lacking.

mother and son sharing a close embrace
mommy and son

There are so many reasons that people feel down around the holidays (big or small) and for anyone who isn't feeling themselves about anything, please be encouraged. Things will get better. Time doesn't heal everything but maybe it'll make things easier.

Take a listen to All Things, by Kirk Franklin, which helped me put things into perspective.

Happy holidays!

In complete gratitude,


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