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Damn, damn, damn, James...

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

This staying at home sh*t is wearing thin...It's April 17 and I cannot tell you the number of days I've been inside. Now don't get me wrong, I think social distancing is the right move and I think wearing masks and staying inside is the best way to slow the Coronavirus. But let's just be honest, I'm ready to get back to "normal."

What is normal anyway?

At this point, I don't know if we'll ever be fully normal again. We might always have to pull out masks before going certain places or have one way in, one way out grocery aisles. It also may take months to be able to travel like before or not be freaked out by hearing someone cough or sneeze (or hearing yourself cough or sneeze).

This is a crazy time. It's a stressful time. It's an uncertain time. I'm holding on to my sanity by doing virtual brunches, FaceTiming with family and friends and begrudgingly putting back on my running sneakers.

I say all that to say, that everything I'm feeling--fear, frustration, negativity, uncertainty, hope, joy, anxiety--is ok. It's ok to feel what you feel about being quarantined with people who are on your last nerve. I'm by myself and sometimes I'm on my last nerve. But the array of emotions is the most normal thing in all of this...

my homemade mask for outside
masked and ready

What now?

Be patient.

We are all in this strange state for a reason, even if we never fully understand why. Make the best of it. Use this time to grow physically, mentally and spiritually because when this is all over with, everybody is gonna turn up! (LOL)

Stay safe and stay yo' ass in the house!


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