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12 months of writing

I've been doing some research on authors websites. Primarily because my site will be redesigned by Digital Marketing of Atlanta and I was looking at what other writers are doing well. So far in my search I've found a few compelling layouts, purposeful positioning and sites that overall do what they should to promote the author. But the other thing I found is that the writers who started a blog almost always stopped after a few entries...

Why did that stand out to me? Perhaps because the last time I wrote a blog was late 2021 after I had given birth to our baby boy who is now over 1 year's old. And after looking at my own history of on again, off again blogging, I understand how so many writers have the intention of keeping their fans up to date and sharing upcoming projects, but fall off due to lack of time or just plain ol' life getting in the way.

Well, I've decided to reignite my blog. I've written them consistently in the past and even though I barely have time to connect with my friends (that is another blog topic), I'm am committing to 12 Months of Writing.

It sounds easy enough; write a blog about whatever for the next year however my approach will be more strategic than that. I don't want to just throw anything up for the sake of saying I completed my task, therefore here are four things to help me follow-through with my goal:

  1. I have a plan/schedule of what the 12 blogs that I will write are about (but I'll be fluid enough to roll with changes as necessary).

  2. I have identified a goal for my writing: to connect more with my people, share what I'm learning and stick to producing this specific content for 1 year.

  3. I have at least one accountability partner to help me.

  4. I'll take the same approach as I have when writing my other books: set aside time to write.

So what will I write about?

I'll write about #1 Writing—my experiences, process, what I am learning—#2 Mothering (I have a baby who is running and climbing on everything, I need to write about him just to have another outlet. LOL), #3 Career—my writing and marketing career although sometimes I'm not sure what my career really is although I know what I'd like it to be—and how the hell do you #4 Balance it all. The balancing part I am doing a poor job of but hopefully through this project I'll gain insights to help.

Are you guys committing to anything in 2023? What is helping you stick to your goals and how will you assure you don't fall too far off track?

This was the intro...Stay tuned, March will be Patience, Writing and a 18 month old (at 40+).



P.S. Click the link below to explore my current website because it'll be changing within the next 12 months with the help of one of my fabulous best friend's who is also the owner of Digital Marketing of Atlanta. I'd love to know what you want to see in the next iteration.

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