© 2019 by Jennifer N. Shannon. All rights reserved.

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© 2019 by Jennifer N. Shannon. All rights reserved.

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Tyrone N. Manning (@BeachBoyFresh) is the DJ and producer of the BeachBoyFresh show on JoltRadio.org each Wednesday, 6-7pm. Together he and Jennifer N. Shannon (@writerjns) partner once per month on a radio segment titled DreamLiving. 

DreamLiving includes interviews and dialogue about living your dreams despite work, family and other priorities. This show informs its audience about healthy habits and sustainable practices all while the best in Hip-Hop, R&B, Soul and Funk provides the soundtrack.

Month of October 2018

The art, poetry and expressions related to this topic bring together various faiths, share common experiences and sheds light and love into what seems to be a hate-filled world. This exhibit—including jns's poem Keepsake—will be on display at the Carnegie Library in Pittsburgh throughout October!

Faith, Activism and The Art of Healing Exhibit

May 3, 2018

In May the writers group, Hour After Happy Hour, showcased writers in the Pittsburgh area. jns—a member of the group—was asked to read a piece and she selected Last Sermon

Listen to the reading below:

Spring Launch Party and Reading

Last Sermon - Jennifer N. Shannon
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