Tender a literary anthology and book of spells: evidence

This collection of poetry, prose and art by 19 Black womxn and femmes in Pittsburgh grew out of a longing for connection and comfort in a city and a world that is not always tender toward them. The book is a balm they made for themselves. The book is co-edited by vanessa german and Deesha Philyaw.


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For the LOVE...Vol. 2

"for the LOVE...Vol. 2," picks up where "for the LOVE, Short Stories and Poems, Vol. 1," leaves off. There are three elements to the book—blogs, poetry and photographs. All three creatively combine to tell a story, lift spirits, provide guidance and give hope. "for the LOVE...Vol. 2" is a light and if one person is touched, that light continues to shine.


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For the Love, Short Stories and Poems, Vol. 1

"for the Love, Short Stories and Poems, Vol. 1" by Jennifer N. Shannon is a collection of short stories and poems which explore love, spirituality, fear, and more. Whether story or poem, each has engaging characters, considers life through multiple lenses, and captures the essence of love, simply by writing in truth.


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Silent Teardrops

Set in a small South Carolina town in the 1970's, Silent Teardrops follows four members of one family as the connections between them are tested by a difficult present and a haunted past. Adultery, drug abuse, lies, and deceit threaten and challenge them all. Each finds that ultimately the battle will be fought within.

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