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What is there to celebrate?

We are nine months into 2020 and for me it has had moments of bliss and headaches. I'm sure some of you feel the same way. Below is a list of some of the things we are collectively dealing with:

  • a global pandemic

  • racial unrest

  • the deaths of loved ones and idols

  • an upcoming tumultuous political season + potentially more unrest after Nov. 3

  • natural/unnatural disasters such as states on the west coast being on fire

We are living in a strange time. Collectively, we are exhausted and anxious but if we're brave enough, we still can find ways to celebrate the good things.

This year, I've had to learn that. It's been a season of letting go and having faith. Actually leaping into avenues I have no clue how to navigate and navigating them anyway. Like my exhibit, REVOLT: Black Joy Still Exists, It Always Will. This is me jumping in and creating my own path by finding ways to inspire others.

That is not to say there are no or will be no hiccups. See below list of examples:

  1. My new Covid-19 love (that I told y'all about in this poem/blog post) didn't last more than a month BUT a very good friend shared interest and we are building an exciting relationship that is honest, loving and thoughtful. (insert heart emoji here)

  2. My job let me go back in April BUT I'm living doing exactly the work I feel most passionate about with more creativity and freedom than ever before.

  3. I've gotten way more rejection letters than acceptances as it relates to my writing BUT I've been awarded a fellowship from the Martha's Vineyard Institute of Creative Writing, a grant from the Maryland State Arts Council and I've done a virtual reading and will be doing another on Oct. 1. (Stay tuned for more details)

Celebrate the good things!

All of that to say, this is life. It will always be full of ups and downs. But in all of the emotional flux and heartache, there are still good things happening—things worth celebrating! Like birthdays and holidays and job opportunities and waking up and taking a walk and family and friends and fixing up for Zoom calls and getting through another day indoors and writing a blog after not writing one in over a month. . . .

I pray that you will stay encouraged and find things to celebrate.

be well and wear your masks!


P. S. Check out the submission details for "Black Joy." It's going to be an awesome exhibit and I look forward to sharing it with you soon!

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