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New Love: Covid 19 Edition

It can be hard to find a connection with another person; much less during a global pandemic. But here I am, getting to know someone and sharing that journey out loud which isn't easy because so much can go wrong in a relationship and there is so much that neither of us know about each other yet.

socks, feet, toes, pedicure
my feet, his feet

In light of all of that, below is a poem I wrote that talks about our connection in a different way. I hope you enjoy it as much as I relish in the live, in person journey we are on. (And shout out to the special man who wore socks and doesn't mind me sharing a little of our story.)

New Love: Covid 19 Edition (Listen to the audio version here)

Jennifer N. Shannon

We kick our feet up

and in between

and around

forgetting that my pedicure was

done by my own hands a few days ago

ignoring the chipped polish

the sloppiness of the strokes

you don’t mind

this is life now

it’s just us

just me you

the way we had begun

sifted through the maze online



high schoolers giggling

as the state shifts into stage 2

we get take out

eat inside

listen to records

briefly forget that only miles away

there are protests

people are mourning

people are tired

masks don’t protect everyone

they do just enough to cover

the nose mouth

they are a reminder

to reach for something

because what else do we have to hold on to

besides each other

in the house

the yard

finding creative ways

tender ways

to explore our love

finding courage in it all

holding hands to keep us safe




One more thing, today is Juneteenth. If you need a lesson about why this day is important, click here to watch a 1-min video.

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